The Vision

Our vision & outlook for Llamaverse.

What is the Vision of Llamaverse?

Llamaverse was originally started as a FREE Discord. It eventually turned into LlamaPass near October-August and we decided to revamp it into Llamaverse. Llamaverse is the NFT project that grabs all the great aspects of individual projects and blends them into one full package. Our core focus is to ensure every holder can find a benefit in the project, even if they have different interests.

What is the ULTIMATE End Goal for Llamaverse?

There is truly no end-goal. That was a rhetorical question. We simply never want to stop building and keep expanding the ecosystem. We want the Llamaverse to be the one NFT you can hold to access all kinds of ecosystems, utility and benefits.

We want to absolutely change the game with Llamaverse by including many benefits and establishing many connections to different communities to allow yourself and other communities gain some type of an advantage. Some of these include access to their tools, access to their p2e games, access to their private discords, access to their marketplaces and much more.

We want to show the true power of WEB3.

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