SPIT Buddies

What are SpitBuddies?

What Are SPIT Buddies?

Introducing SPIT Buddies.

Our version of “breeding,” but done correctly. We don’t want our users to just breed NFTs and have them sit in their wallet with 0 use-case. We want to do something much bigger.

SPIT buddies will essentially enable you to turn a large amount of $SPIT into a new NFT. It can be a new Llamaverse NFT, or it can be a “cross-bred” NFT that links you to a project that’s partnering with us closely. In the latter case, you will then gain additional utility from that project. In both cases, you can, of course, choose to sell that NFT on secondary.

Why Crossbreed?

The reason why we’re interested in “cross-breeding” is because it brings more value to our community. Non-holders will be interested in acquiring a SPIT Buddy, but they would need $SPIT to create one, which, in turn, means they would either have to acquire $SPIT or purchase and stake a Llamaverse to start earning $SPIT.

What Kind of Utility?

Utility is different for every community, but overall we want each SPIT Buddy to have utility in both our community and the partnered NFT community. An example of this would be a partnership with “Sappy Seals,” in which you’d be able to use your SPIT Buddy in their world and claim “special L2 items.”

Utility from the partner side (examples):

  • Generate their $TOKEN for staking your $SPIT Buddy

  • Access to their Alpha Chats/Calls

  • Access to FUTURE Mints on their project

  • Access to their gaming ecosystems

  • Access to any applicable tools


Along with these benefits, we will keep scaling SPIT Buddies to create additional utilities, which will establish more beneifts for users that want to save $SPIT to generate SPIT Buddies.

What Is The Supply of Spit Buddies?

The supply of SPIT Buddies will be 200 per partnership.

  • 100 of the total supply will be reserved for purchasing with $SPIT for Llamaverse holders. They can be redeemed in a variety of ways (i.e. Marketplace Raffles & Blind Bids)

  • The remaining 100 will be distributed to the partner to distribute as they see fit (i.e. via a giveaway, their marketplace, or with their native currency)

How Do SPIT Buddies Benefit LV Holders?

50% of each SPIT Buddy collection will be reserved exclusively for Llamaverse holders, ensuring our holders have ample opportunities to gain additional benefits/utilities within our partners' ecosystems.

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