Llamaverse Marketplace

An Overview of the Llamaverse Marketplace


The Llamaverse Marketplace is a holders' only marketplace, stacked with opportunities for you to purchase with $SPIT. We wanted to make sure all of our holders have access to a variety of rewards from staking. That's why we have a sizable, dedicated team of web3 professionals working around the clock utilizing our extensive network to bring you these rewards hassle-free. We have a core focus on both quality and quantity to ensure there are constantly top-tier whitelists, tools, web2 & web3 utilities, and more that are refilled on a regular basis so every member gets to benefit from the marketplace, regardless of how much $SPIT they may have.

Below, we will outline the Marketplace's buy functions, types of rewards, and some advanced mechanisms in place to ensure the system is as balanced as possible. To avoid confusion please note that we will often be referring to the marketplace as the MP.

No Transaction Fees?

Yes, besides the staking/unstaking process, there are 0 transaction fees when interacting with our marketplace. The only costs are claiming your $SPIT and/or depositing it to the dashboard.

How is this possible? Our v2 MP is fully-off chain!

What Kind of Rewards Can You Buy?

Our collaboration process is a benchmark in the web3 space, with a dedicated team of 6+ professionals that work exclusively on filling the marketplace with quality opportunities. They vet each and every project, going through an extensive process that includes scheduling voice calls with every potential collaboration to ensure we minimize the risks and maximize the gains for our holders.

That said, it goes without saying (but we'll say it again) that it is important to always exert caution in the web3 space, as we cannot filter 100% of all bad actors in the space, even with an exhaustive red flags checklist. This is a non-exhaustive list of items that you can find on our marketplace - with more being added constantly:

  • Whitelist Opportunities

  • NFTs

  • Llamaboosts

  • Cosmetic Discord Roles

  • NuCyber Bonuses + Items

  • Tools Access / Subscriptions

  • Special Utility in Other NFT Projects

  • $SPIT Buddies

  • Free Mints

  • Physical Items

  • Discounts on WEB2 services

  • Discounts on WEB3 services

  • and MORE always being added

All of these rewards can be earned with no purchase necessary - you are able to redeem $SPIT through LlamaGOV (1000 GOV for 250 $SPIT) and also reserve LlamaEssence (similar to a loot box) with GOV (800 GOV per reserve). You can learn more about LlamaGOV in our docs.

Llamaverse Marketplace Statistics

Below are several key data points for those who are seeking more information about the marketplace in general, as well as the quality and quantity of rewards regularly available on the MP.

  • Total amount of opportunities posted from April-July of 2022: 13,955

  • Total reserved exclusively for Animated Llamaverse Holders: 7,500

  • Average cost per reward: 104 $SPIT

  • Average rewards a month: 90

  • Average amount of rewards a Static Holder can afford per month (without a boost): 10

  • Average amount of rewards a Static Holder can afford per month (with a boost): 15

  • Average staking time to afford a reward (without boost): 3.5 days of staking

  • Average staking time to afford a reward (with boost): 2.5 days of staking

How Are Items Priced?

Just like with any traditional market, the cost of an item depends on the perceived value/rarity of the opportunity - the higher the perceived value/rarity, the higher the price.

Where it differs from traditional markets is that the perceived value in web3 space is highly volatile and based on intangible factors & public perception; therefore, it is not all that uncommon for a highly anticipated & expensive opportunity to underperform, and for cheap, under-the-radar opportunities to outperform.

Based on that fact, please note that all opportunities on our marketplace are at your discretion to purchase/mint and are NFA. Please always DYOR.

Animated/Static MPs

Taking into account the discrepancy in the sheer supply of Animated vs Static llamas, as well as the difference in $SPIT generation rates, there are two marketplaces: Animated and Static. We have split the marketplace this way to promote a healthy, non-competitive marketplace experience that does not penalize either party. This ultimately allows for a balanced marketplace where everyone benefits, while "whales" still enjoy an advantage without hurting the smaller members of our community.

  • The Static Holder Marketplace: Only accessible by Static Holders. 40% of rewards are allocated to Static Holders.

  • The Animated Holder Marketplace: Only accessible by Animated Holders. 60% of rewards are allocated to Animated Holders.

User-Friendly System

Redeeming your purchases has never been easier - set your preferred minting wallet(s) in the settings tab and you're good to go. Each time you purchase a reward on the MP, you may select which minting wallet to use - giving you the option to select a burner wallet for more "degen-like" WLs. Quality of Life Features for Marketplace Users:

  • Timezone Friendly Feature - Initial stocks are restocked 12 hours later to meet the needs of multiple timezones

  • Discord Roles with Pings - By reacting to the "Marketplace Updates" role, you will receive pings when marketplace stocks, discounts, and moves are announced. If you purchase a WL spot for a project with a closed Discord, you will also be assigned a role & added to a private channel to gain access to the closed server.

  • Mint Calendar - Our team regularly updates a mint calendar with all projects available on the marketplace. It can be found here.

  • Marketplace Gitbook - An extensive Gitbook featuring every reward available on the marketplace, which includes: Allocation, Pricing, Winner Directions, Project Overviews, and Important Links. It can be found here.

Quality of Life Features for Marketplace Users (Coming Soon):

  • The LlamaLabs app - Notifies you of marketplace opportunities when they go live

  • Full Discord Integration - Automatically link your Discord profile to the marketplace


You can find the answers to FAQs surrounding the marketplace here.

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