LlamaRewards (Loyalty Program)

Introducing LlamaRewards

Explaining LlamaRewards (Infographic)

What is LlamaRewards?

LLAMA Rewards is a Discord currency that has been implemented to reward active and helpful Llamaverse Holders that participate in #┋✨・alpha-hub and games & events. We have two fundamentals that make this possible:
  1. 1.
    The ability for users to earn LLAMA that they can spend in a loyalty shop
  2. 2.
    (In the future) Allowing holders to vote on certain decisions that can affect our ecosystem
LLAMA Rewards can be used within our loyalty shop to purchase a variety of prizes, including $SPIT and Essence reserves. A full list can always be found in the Llama Rewards Shop.

What can I get with my LLAMA Rewards?

There are several rewards available for redemption with LLAMA Rewards. To see a most updated list of available rewards, check out the LlamaRewards shop.

How can I Earn More LlamaRewards and Check my Balance?

There are multiple ways to earn LlamaRewards, including:
  • Use the /work command in the #work-time channel within the Llamaverse Discord - you will earn a random amount of LLAMA from completing a job
  • Go to #alpha-hub and look out for RANDOM lotteries...they can be massive.
  • Engage with 80% of the Tweets shared within Shuttlebay during each "round" (week). At the end of the round, you will get 250 $LLAMA rewarded to your Discord.
    To Use Shuttlebay:
    1. 2.
      Login/Register with discord and twitter
    2. 3.
      Once registered, you will find "Llamaverse" (you do not need to connect your wallet)
    3. 4.
      Ignore the leaderboard as it's outdated; we will validate it and make sure 80% of tweets are engaged with.
    4. 5.
      This would apply for any tweets that DO NOT say expired.
    5. 6.
      We will post random tweets that Llamaverse_ will RT or Post.
    6. 7.
      If you like/rt/comment on 80% of those tweets (or just do 100% to support us) you will automatically get 250 $LLAMA dropped to you in 6 days through our bot.
  • Be an active and helpful community member (Staff is always watching and will reward members regularly!)
  • Participate in community-hosted games and events. We will give LLLAMA out to winners/participants.
  • Win it from a Static or Animated LlamaEssence
  • Do something notable! (Example: Give out food to the homeless, prevent someone from getting scammed and anything else of good ethics!)
To see your balance, type /bal in #work-time.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our Discord or open a live chat!

How are LLAMA Rewards Different from $SPIT?

LLAMA Rewards is strictly a Discord currency that has no blockchain integration.
$SPIT is the official Llamaverse utility token, yielded from staking, that not only powers our marketplace, but that also has utility within other projects’ ecosystems.