Our vision with NuCyber is to create a premium metaverse project, while allowing holders to experience a high-quality and fun gaming & social experience. Our core focus is to create a unique playing experiences that utilizes blockchain technology. We want residents of NuCyber to be able to truly own their rooms.

NuCyber is a luxury building located in the center of the Gridcraft City. There are roughly ~6,500 rooms in the NuCyber building, with room sizes ranging from small to penthouses.

As a NuCyber resident, you will be able to:

  • Interact with your room in a multitude of way

  • Participate in opportunities to earn daily rewards

  • Utilize your NuCyber residency benefits

  • Generate $BITS as a local

How Does NuCyber Benefit LV Holders?

Although NuCyber utilizes $BITS, we will be adding specific utilities for $SPIT directly.

Some plans for how $SPIT can be utilized in NuCyber include:

  • Purchase specific cosmetics/items

  • Generate energy

We are continuously working on ways to further implement $SPIT into the NuCyber ecosystem, as we want to ensure the game doesn't turn into a pay-to win (P2W) platform.

We will update this document once we have a more specific plan/when the utilities are ready for Llamaverse holders.


You can find the answers to FAQs surrounding NuCyber here.

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