$SPIT Token

What is $SPIT and How Does It Work?

$SPIT is the currency that is generated when you stake a Llamaverse.

$SPIT token is your gateway to various utility, from claiming whitelist opportunities to being able to purchase Llamascape in game items or generating $SPIT buddies, and way more as we keep adding value to the ecosystem.

When you stake your Llama you will get X amount of $SPIT depending on the type of Llama you have and what other NFTs you may have staked (such as Llamaboosts, which act as a power-up)

Contract ($SPIT Polygon) Address: 0x5c947eb80d096a5e332bf79bfdc9feb3d0a201d7

1 $SPIT = 1 $SPIT - There is no USD value to $SPIT.

We will not be providing nor advertising liquidity pools.

Staking Dashboard: https://www.llamaverse.io/staking

Spit Buddy Staking Dashboard: https://www.spitbuddies.io/

Brief Summary of Tokenomics

We are constantly adding more utility and therefore burning or re-circulating $SPIT into our ecosystem.

Below is an overview of the distribution between the team & the circulating supply.

  • 100,000,000 $SPIT Supply

  • 57,500,000 $SPIT in Circulation

  • 30,000,000 $SPIT in Dev Wallet

  • 5,000,000 $SPIT to Hellequinnn

  • 5,000,000 $SPIT to NFTLlama

  • 2,500,000 $SPIT to BrotherAli

The dev wallet is not to be touched until we eventually “run out” of $SPIT, for future giveaways within the marketplace or to bring in new members on board.

We will not be supplying liquidity, and we will do not endorse any liquidity pool. Existing pools are outside of our control, and they are in no way affiliated with the team. We will not advertise liquidity for the token, as it has massive internal value that will essentially help you reap benefits in the space.

How Much $SPIT Does Each NFT Generate?

We spent a lot of time developing our tokenomics, ensuring we balance the ratios based on prices of each NFT and the longevity of generating $SPIT.

$SPIT generation is as followed:

  • Static Llama -> 10 $SPIT/Day

  • Animated Llama -> 30 $SPIT/Day

  • Gold LlamaBoosts -> +12 $SPIT/Day (when staked with an accompanying Animated Llama)

  • Silver LlamaBoosts -> +4 $SPIT/Day (when staked with an accompanying Static llama)

  • Spit Buddy --> 15 $SPIT and 8 $JIRAX per day


  • Gold Llamaboost(s) only generate $SPIT when staked in pair(s) with Animated Llama(s).

  • Silver Llamaboost(s) only generate $SPIT when staked in pair(s) with Static Llama(s).

Refer to the following staking scenarios as examples:

NFTs StakedTotal $SPIT Earned Per DayReasoning

-2 Gold LlamaBoosts -1 Animated Llama

42 $SPIT (30 from Llama, 12 from Boost)

Only one boost is paired, and therefore will generate an additional 12 $SPIT.

-2 Gold LlamaBoosts -2 Animated Llamas

84 $SPIT (30 from each Llama, 12 from each Boost)

Both Llamas are paired with a matching boost.

-1 Gold LlamaBoost -1 Static Llama

10 $SPIT (10 from Llama)

Only a Silver Boost can be paired with a Static Llama, so this Boost is inactive.

-1 Gold or Silver LlamaBoost


Boosts do not generate $SPIT when there is not an accompanying Llama staked.

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