WhitelistPing FAQs

FAQs related to WLPing


What is WhitelistPing?

Whitelist Ping, a project within the Llamalabs ecosystem, provides a centralized database that will inform you of upcoming mints, wallet submissions, and reveals, via email and/or SMS notifications. All Llamaverse holders will be able to mint a WLP NFT. Boost holders will get a slight discount.

Will there be any kind of subscription price planned, or should we assume the NFT will act as a lifetime pass?

There will be a very cheap monthly subscription (like $15-$20/mo) as text messages/emails can get expensive, and it's wise to do this for a long-term model.

Will there be traits/rarities?

Not planned as of right now.

Wen mint?

TBD, but aiming for September.

What is the general price range for minting a WLPing NFT?

TBA, watching market conditions.

Are there plans to expand the value stream beyond pings for mints/ wallet submissions?

Yes, one thing we're considering is a WLP "Coupon/Reward" System - Partner with other projects to allow you to generate "points" for minting; and in return - they get free advertising; but I want to be able to use these points to get you "discounts" on mints and "free mints" and to be able to claim WL.

You are minting projects either way - and we'd just give you rewards for the projects you are already minting.

Why pay for WLP when you can comb through servers yourself?

The whole point of the system is the fact that you can have a team - a database and a fluid system. Building anything yourself is always the best way, but having a team do it for you is much more efficient and results in fewer headaches for you.

If I understand correctly, does this partially bypass the utility and service offered by the Premint pass in regards to winner pings and wallet submissions?

WL Ping works with any project - Premint's pings are only available for projects that do their raffles via Premints.

How is my personal information protected?

WLPing is partnered with Twilio and Asteria Labs to ensure complete front-end and back-end security.

Will Whitelist Ping team be paired with Llamaverse?

We are planning to connect the LV marketplace so that holders are automatically signed up on their preferred notifications after purchasing WLs.

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