Llamaverse Discord FAQs

FAQs related to the Llamaverse Discord server


I tried to verify with WHOP for my holder role, but it's not working. What should I do?

First, make sure you have staked your Llama(s). You must stake to verify with Whop. Once you stake your NFT(s), it is transferred to our staking wallet. This process can take some time. Please use Whop to verify again after waiting 30-60 minutes

How can I get pings for things like marketplace updates and alpha calls?

There is a list of roles you can react to in the “React roles” channel to receive pings.

Where is the holders' only channel?

"Alpha Hub" serves as the main channel for holders.

What is LLAMA GOV?

LLAMA GOV is a Discord currency that has been implemented as a way to reward active users within our community. LLAMA GOV can be used within our Discord to purchase a variety of prizes, including $SPIT and an Essence reserve. A full list can always be found in the Llama Gov channel.

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