Llamaverse Utility

An overview of the utilities available to Llamaverse holders.

What Exactly Does a Llamaverse Holder Get?

Available utilities range from access to information and tools, to token generation and so much more. We will continue to expand this page as we grow.

All Static holders get access to the following:

  • Stake your Llamaverse/Llamaboost for $SPIT Generation (10 $SPIT per Day)

    • Staked with a Silver Boost NFT = +4 $SPIT per day (not stackable, 1 per staked llama)

    • Staked with a Pixlet Studio NFT -> +.034 $SPIT per day (not stackable)

    • Staked with a Llamadraws NFT -> +1 $SPIT per day (not stackable)

  • LlamaGov Discord Currency (Loyalty + Voting System for Holders)

  • Polygon-Based Marketplace (Fully Gasless to User)

  • Llama Calls/Upcoming (Alpha)

  • AlphaSharks Extension

  • ApeChef Tools

  • Whitelist Ping Tool

  • Origin Discord Bots

  • SPR3ADSH33T Discord Bots

  • Noti.Finance's platform

  • A private node and a zapnode

  • Alpha Calls from other popular Discord servers

Tutorials for setting up and using these tools effectively can be found HERE.

How can I Get Even More Utility?

There are two ways to get more utility from being in the Llamaverse ecosystem - owning an Animated Llamaverse and/or owning a LlamaBoost. These additional benefits are outlined below.

In addition to all of the Static Llama utilities listed above, Animated Holders also get access to:

  • Extra $SPIT Generation when staked (30 $SPIT per day)

  • Exclusive Rewards via the Marketplace with 60% reserved exclusively for Animated holders

  • An exclusive Chatroom w/ other Animated Holders

  • FULL AlphaSharks Tool (compared to static's partial).

  • More in the near future...

LlamaBoost Additional Benefits:

  • Extra incentives when minting LlamaLabs owned projects

  • Extra $SPIT Generation when staked.

  • 100% success rate when generating a Spit Buddy

  • More in the near future...

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