Full Ownership of Noti.Finance

We’ve recently acquired Noti.Finance as a platform and own full rights to it. For right now we will enable access for all Llamaverse holders. If you own a static or animated llama you will get full access to this platform.

How Does Noti.Finance Work?

Features Enabled in Noti.Finance V1 include:

  • NFT Token Contract Tracker (Sales, Mints, Floor Price and Metadata Changes)

  • Track Wallets (Purchases, Sales, Mints)

  • NFT Price Drop Alerts (Track floor prices of any collection based on your requirements — example: if you want to buy a deal from a collection you can set what price it notifies you at)

  • Ability to track different collection’s group buys/mints/sales (Example: if BAYC group is minting a specific collection it can notify you of it)

  • Live feed of all your activities on the dashboard (refresh once you add new alerts and it will automatically refresh for each new activity)

How can I use Noti.Finance?

Very simple - in a few steps we will summarize on how to use Noti.Finance and we will provide a video for you if you are confused and want a more in-depth guide.

Steps to Start Using The Platform:

  1. Step One: Go to Noti.Finance

  2. Step Two: Login at the top right of the website

  3. Step Three: Connect your Metamask wallet with your Staked Llamaverse

  4. That's it! You will have full access to the platform

Additional Note: It may require you to turn on DMs from everyone - but if you don't like this simply make a private Discord and invite the bot to your server. Then you can allow dms from that server and boom you will have access to notifications via your DMs while having your public dms off.

We will look into making the platform smoother with additional features over time as we just acquired it. If you have questions just join our Discord here and ask around the discord or open a ticket.

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