Llamaverse Marketplace

What is The Llamaverse Marketplace?

The Llamaverse Marketplace is the core utility for $SPIT. You will be able to use $SPIT for multiple types of rewards that can include allowlist opportunities, coaching sessions, LlamaEssence mystery boxes, NFTs, and much more. We have a core focus to continue to enhance and improve the quality/quantity of rewards on our marketplace to ensure all of our holders can find items they enjoy.

How Does the Marketplace Work?

Due to our amazing team, we have created a system to provide a large amount of opportunities every week with additional restocks to accomodate another set of timezones. The marketplace is on a first come, first served basis at this point and time. We will explore other purchase options in the near future.

  • The marketplace goes live every Saturday at 1:00 pm est with 50% of the opportunities stocked and the other 50% of opportunties go live 12 hours later on Sunday at 1:00 am est.

  • You simply ensure your Llama is staked and setup your marketplace profile on the marketplace website which is here. Once setup, when you purchase an item the information provided & wallet selected is the information we will send to the appropriate partner so they can process the information.

  • For Saturday drops, you will be able to view which opportunities go live (including the quantities and cost) ahead of time - the Gitbook is typically released on Thursdays. You can view all opportunities on this page weekly. It will also include redemption information so you can submit all information required (if we need anything else from you).

  • Ocassionally, there will be stealth drops to reward active members. We will give a 2-minutes heads up in alpha hub before doing an @here ping.

How Does Our Marketplace Compare to Others?

Our marketplace is fully built on Polygon using layer 2 technology, which basically means that when you interact with our marketplace, we are able to cover the fees because they are relatively cheap. You will not have to pay any fees at all to use our marketplace compared to most that are released.

Our marketplace has a strict schedule with restocks and we are really consistent with the item quality, quantities, and ensuring we have a general overall good experience setup for our holders.

Organization is key and we have a core focus on that, which is why we take so much time to prepare documentation to properly inform holders of what they need to do to claim their rewards.

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