MOBIUS provides market-leading turn-key solutions for projects and brands wishing to make a successful entrance into the web3 space.

Through our massive experience, we are able to guarantee top-tier project launches & management services including, but not limited to: A Full-Stack Dev team, SM Marketing & PR, Collaborations & Business Relations, Tokenomics, Experienced Discord staff (i.e. Mods, Bot Managers, Community Managers, etc.)

Llamaverse holders who fill out a Mobius application will have top priority for future jobs via Mobius. We have implemented a method for candidate selection, and we'll be fine tuning the process over the course of time.

How Can I Apply? What Happens After?

Complete this application to be added to the Mobius Database

As new opportunities arise, the Mobius team will review all applications. If you are a good fit, a Llamaverse staff member will reach out to you (typically via a ticket in the Llamaverse Discord) to setup an interview.

If you are interviewed and not selected, don't worry! Your application will always remain within the Mobius database.

Don't have any Web3 experience? Don't fret! The Mobius team will regularly select applicants to undergo web3-specific training sessions with our lead staff members, which will allow you to gain experience and, in turn, present as a stronger candidate.

  • In the short term, we'll also be releasing NFTLearn, which all Llamaverse holders will have guaranteed access to. Completing classes through the NFTLearn app will earn you certificates that will make you a stronger candidate for web3 positions. Additional information on NFTLearn can be found here.

For any inquiries regarding Mobius, please open a ticket in the Llamaverse discord, and we'll make sure to assist you.

How Does It Benefit Llamaverse Holders?

As a Llamaverse holder, you get first priority for positions that open through Mobius, as we truly value our community and want to ensure those positions get filled with familiar faces.

Please note --> All applications are extensively reviewed in a professional manner. While this is a timely process, we want to ensure that we are matching the best possible candidates to open positions.

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