WhitelistPing is a project that gives its users the ability to enable and receive notifications via SMS/Email.

Notfications include:

  • Wallet submissions opening/closing

  • Minting alerts

  • Reveal alerts

How does this work?

Users will be able to look through a database of projects and simply select the ones they want to receive email or SMS notifications for. There will be a team of 8 people constantly scraping data and filling out project's dates and times.

What if a Project I Want to Receive Alerts for Isn't Listed?

If the project isn't on WP's database, it will notify the user that the project has yet to be added; at the same time, the team will get a request to fill out this information. Once the team adds that project, the user will be notified.

How Efficient is WLPing?

Extremely efficient.

How can we ensure this? --> It's limited in supply (~9k). Therefore, we only have to ensure holders are fully content with the service, as opposed to if we had an unlimited supply.

How Does WLPing Benefit LV Holders?

All holders will be given WL and, therefore, have the opportunity to mint a WhitelistPing NFT. If you have a boost, the mint price will be slightly discounted.

Even if you decide not to mint, as a Llamaverse holder, you will receive access to the platform so long as you hold your Llamaverse NFT.


You can find the answers to FAQs surrounding WLPing here.

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