NuCyber FAQs

FAQs related to NuCyber


What is NuCyber?

NuCyber is a gaming/metaverse platform focused on using blockchain technology to give more power to the players. You will be able to participate in quests, jobs, activities, mini-games and interact with others as you journey throughout the environment. We are a part of Gridcraft’s ecosystem and they will be creating lots of unique functionalities that NuCyber holders/players can also participate in.

What is the supply of NuCyber?

6.5k total NuCyber properties:

  • Small NuCyber Apartment

  • Medium NuCyber Apartment

  • Large NuCyber Apartment

  • Luxury NuCyber Apartment

  • 13 NuCyber Penthouses (1:1)

Tokens 1-387 are Luxury Apartments & the collection contains 13 Penthouses

What is the utility of NuCyber?

As a NuCyber resident, you will be able to interact with your room in a large variety of ways, ability to participate in chances to get daily rewards, utilize your NuCyber residency benefits and be able to generate $BITS as a local. Our main focus for NuCyber is to provide both utility in the WEB3 space but also within the gaming ecosystem in a non P2W (Pay to Win) manner. NuCyber is determined to create activities that only NuCyber residents can interact with. The activities included in the first version of NuCyber will be our foundation and we will be able to utilize data to create more value for our holders.

Is there a list of all utilities?

  • Ability to Earn $BITS

  • With $BITS this will include all access to the Gridcraft ecosystem such as purchasing in their future marketplace full of cosmetics/items and fully being able to participate in the GridCity environment.

  • Customize & decorate your residencies.

  • Ability to own a Bike Parking Spot (travel throughout the city quicker than the average player).

  • Ability to own a pet (pets will give some minor in-game bonuses).

  • Daily Mail Boxes provided to all NuCyber residents. Check your mailbox daily for potential WEB3 rewards, in-game items and more!

  • Ability to experience random interactions (Ex: Neighbor knocking at your door and you will have to make a choice — this choice can penalize or help you).

  • Build a NuBusiness directly from home.

  • Hire a Butler that can do a variety of activities for you.

  • Ability to host house parties!

Will NuCyber holders get access to WLPing?

Yes! NuCyber holders get access to WLP.

There are 3 stages of access to the platform:

  • Basic (NuCyber Holders will have basic access)


  • Llamaverse Genesis (Full access + NFT)

What happened to Minecraft?

Mojang the creators of MineCraft have banned ALL blockchain integrations on their platform. This of course was a huge side step in the direction of development for us & many other projects relying on their platform, but our brand has since pivoted completely with Pixels. So whilst NuCyber has rebranded from Llamascape and pushed a new platform, Gridcraft continues to also build out their original plans on MineCraft minus blockchain integrations keeping their 2 year long build intact and within the EULA of Mojang.

Gridcraft existed as an MC builder long before creating NFT’s and they plan to continue this in unison with the expansion to Pixels platform.

Will crates be accessible in the future for NuCyber?

Yes, keys for crates will be available to both collection holders. Some will be available on our marketplace for $BITS &some will be awarded in-game.

When is the BITS marketplace launching?

We are very excited to launch our MP however the date is currently TBA as we develop.

Wen game?

The million-dollar question! Currently, we are on track to start releasing gameplay samples for September 2022. Of course, we will continue to provide updates via the Gridcraft Discord - stay tuned for updates!

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