NFT/Crypto Tools

An overview of the NFT/Crypto tools available to ALL Llamaverse holders.

What NFT/Crypto Tools are Available for Llamaverse Holders?

We have a large variety of tools you can utilize as a Llamaverse holder that are fully inclusive and cost you nothing. We will briefly list each tool and we have tutorials in our docs so you can learn how to set them up and start using them.

  • ApeChef.Tools - Tutorial HERE

  • Origin Discord Bots - Tutorial HERE

  • Noti.Finance - Tutorial HERE

  • AlphaSharks - Tutorial HERE

  • Zapnode - Tutorial HERE

  • SPR3ADSH33T Bots - These can be found within the Llamaverse Discord and include the following bots: Why Is Gas High, Magic Eden Listings, Solana Activity, NFT Price Action, OpenSea Activity, Moby Monitor, & Twitter Follows

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