What is a Node?

A “node” is a computer that performs a certain function on the Ethereum network and runs client software in order to do so. Depending on what your specific needs are, whether it be a decentralized application (dapp) or a wallet, there are three different types of nodes that can be run by any client: full nodes, light nodes, and archive nodes.

Each node will interpret data differently and offer different methods for synchronization – this refers to how quickly your node is able to retrieve updated information for your client to interpret.

Basically, the benefits of this node include:

  • Faster Network Speeds because of less congestion

  • Cheaper Gas fees

  • Increased Security

  • More Reliable Transactions

  • Higher Success Rate for Transactions; Less Dropped Transactions

How to set up ZapNode by Ape Chef

  1. Go to ​Apechef.Tools

  2. Type LOGIN MM NB Make sure to have the wallet that holds your Llama (either staked or not) active in your MetaMask

  3. You should get a confirmation message that you have access to all their tools from your Llama

  4. Type "zapnode"

  5. Type "zapnode agree"

  6. Follow the prompts on your screen and you're all set!

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