What is LlamaEssence?

What is LlamaEssence?

A LlamaEssence is a mystery loot box that, if purchased, will guarantee you a prize! Prizes range from NFTs, Whitelist Opportunities, and Tool Access, to $SPIT, Llama GOV, and even ETH. (No purchase necessary to enter or win as you can reserve via LlamaGOV which is a free currency you can earn.)
Contrary to normal raffles, you never come out as a "loser" with LlamaEssence.
LlamaEssences are purchasable from the Llamaverse marketplace every week on Wednesdays.
Keep an eye on our marketplace updates channel in the Discord to see what's available in our weekly LlamaEssence drops!
Winners are announced each Friday at 5pm EST and posted in the "Essence/Raffle Winners" channel with video proof. Rewards are sent within 72 hours of posting.

Animated vs Static LlamaEssence

Each week, there will be two LlamaEssence available on the marketplace - Animated and Static.
How they Differ:
  • An Animated LlamaEssence contains about $7k worth of prizes each week - including NFTs and ETH. Static holders cannot purchase an Animated Essence. Some of the NFTs included in past Animated Essence drops include: Baby Kaiju, Karafuru, PREMINT Collector's Pass, Rare Apepe YC, and Sappy Seals.
  • A Static LlamaEssence contains about $3k worth of prizes each week - including NFTs and ETH. Animated holders cannot purchase a Static Essence. Some of the NFTs included in past Static Essence drops include: Tiny Astro, The Plague, Squishiverse, Illogics, and Gaming Ape Club.

Reserving an Essence with GOV

Want to ensure you get a LlamaEssence and avoid rushing for it on the MP? There's GOV for that!
For 800 LLAMA GOV, you can reserve an Essence prior to its drop on the marketplace. If you are an animated holder, you may only reserve an Animated Essence; if you are a static holder, you may only reserve a Static Essence.

How can I reserve an Essence?

Each week, there are 10 reserves per Essence (10 for Animated, 10 for Static).
Essence spots go live Wednesdays at 1pm, so you must reserve your Essence by Tuesday at 8pm EST in order to reserve for the same week. You are also welcome to reserve for a future week.
The reservation process is simple:
  1. 1.
    Have at least 800 LLAMA GOV
  2. 2.
    Open a ticket with the "BUY ITEM FROM LLAMAGOV" panel - a staff member will check your balance and confirm you'd like to remove 800 LLAMA GOV (see image below)
  3. 3.
    Cheezus will add your name and preferred wallet to the Essence sheet.
How to Reserve an Essence with GOV
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